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Mezuzah form

Mezuzah form


[All the bank's mezuzos are currently on loan, we only have mezuzos for sale at this point] 


The Mezuzah Bank at Penn




Mezuzah form



I would like to receive a Mezuzah from the Mezuzah Bank. I agree to have the Lubavitch House assist me in putting up the Mezuzah and having them assist with the removal at the end of the school year. I understand I have the option of purchasing the mezuzah at the end of the year for $13.  In the event that I am aware that the next occupant will be Jewish (and provided the housing services will not remove it during the summer), I will leave it up for the next occupant, as Jewish Law proscribes. I will tell the next occupant that Lubavitch House will be contacting them concerning the mezuzah for the next year.



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The Mezuzah Bank is currently being made possible thanks to a generous grant from [your name here] family.


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