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High Holidays 5778

High Holidays 5778



Apple and Honey Dish


High Holiday Dinners & Services

at Chabad House 5778

Friendly, explained and guided services!

Join us for spiritual and guided High Holiday services. They are user-friendly, enjoyable & meaningful. Services are held at Chabad House, 4032 Spruce Street and are followed by a gourmet holiday dinner in a warm atmosphere. Free of charge.

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Rosh Hashanah:

· Wednesday, Sept. 20th:

Þ 6:40pm—Services (Candle lighting 6:43pm)

Þ 8:00pm—Dinner

· Thursday, Sept. 21st:

Þ 9:30am-2:00pm—Morning Services

Þ 12-12:30pm—Shofar Blowing Service

Þ 5:30pm—Mincha & Tashlich

Þ 7:40pm—Evening Services

Þ 8:00pm—Rosh Hashana Dinner

Flash Shofar Services on: Locust Walk at 4pm

· Friday, Sept. 22nd:

Þ 9:30am-2:00pm—Morning Services

Þ 12-12:30pm—Shofar Service

Þ 6:40pm—Mincha

  Þ 7:30pm—Evening Services and Dinner

Flash Shofar Services: Locust Walk at 4:30pm


· Shabbat, Sept. 23rd:

Þ 9:30am-12:00pm—Morning Services

Þ 6:00pm—Mincha and Farbrengen

Þ 7:36pm—Evening Services and Havdallah


Yom Kippur:


· Friday, Sept. 29th:

Þ 6:30pm—Kol Nidrei

Þ 6:28pm—Light Candles and Fast Begins

Þ 8:30 - Yom Kippur Discussion Across Penn Discussion.


· Shabbat, Sept. 30th:


Þ 10:00am—2:45pm Morning Services (Alternate Location: Chabad Serving Drexel, 3507 Baring Street) -Yizkor

Þ 4:45pm—Afternoon Mincha-Neila (including Yizkor)

Þ 7:24pm— Break Fast at Chabad. (Bagels, Lox, Cream Cheese etc.)


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For more information contact Rabbi Levi:

Need a Lulav Set? Want to help build a Sukkah?

 Sukkot is coming. Need a Lulav and Etrog set? Email us to place your order. They are $36 each.

Want to volunteer to help bulid a sukkah, either at Chabad or on campus? Let us know.


What are the services at Chabad like?

Larry King and Kevin Bright speak about High Holiday Friends and Services at Chabad




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