Sinai+: Raising the Bar of Jewish Literacy

Sinai+ is a curriculum developed with students input specifically for Sinai Scholars alumni (or individuals who quality) to continue to grow in their exploration of Jewish texts and learning.

A limited number of applicants will be selected for this program. Those selected will be eligible for a for a free trip to Israel (on the Israelinks program) upon completion of the program.

Program components:

- 1.5 hour weekly group learning and discussion (Dinner included). [Tentatively scheduled for] Wednesdays 7-8pm

This semester we will be studying:

Fundamentals of Judaism:

Maimonides Principals & Talmud with a Twist

We'll explore the fundamentals plus classic questions and keep the conversations relevant to our modern lives. There will be plenty time for discussion.

- There is also an optional weekly study with a partner on a topic of your choice. There are a variety of topics and texts that can be chosen. Your own topic suggestions are also an option. You choose the time and location.

For more information contact student coordinator ................. or Rabbi Levi [email protected]

Please fill out the application and survey so we can learn more about your interests.