Berry Piekarski

Rabbinic Intern

Berry, a native of Tel Aviv was educated in the elite Chabad institutions of Israel and NY.

He has spent the past several years teaching and engaging Jewish people across the globe. He led an eight-hundred person Seder in Koh Samui Island, Thailand, has taught in the Jewish academies of Moscow, Berlin and Tel Aviv.

While currently completing his Rabbinic degree, Berry will be serving as Rabbinic Intern for Chabad at Penn. He is passionate about Jewish thought from Theology to Mysticism, from Philosophy to Law and an array of subjects in between, he would be happy to let you bounce a few ideas off his head while doing the same to yours.

Berry also enjoys professional sculpting on the side.

He can be reached at [email protected] to find out a list of classes he will be offering at Penn or to book a personal slot of time to study or get coffee with this young scholar click here:



Some of his group study offerings Spring 2014:

  • Nefesh Hachaim and Tanya: Exploring, comparing and contrasting the Weltanschauung of the “bibles” of Lithuanian and Chassidic thought systems.
    Thursdays 7:30pm-8:30pm at Hillel, Katz/Meyerhoff Family Activities Center (2nd floor)
  • Opening The Talmud: Perhaps you have been curious about the Talmud, but thought it was complex and inaccessible to anyone lacking extensive training. Not anymore. MYSHIUR Talmud Learning Initiative, an innovative entry to this magnificent work. You need no prior knowledge of the Talmud and no formal legal training. There are no prerequisites other than an open mind.
    Wednesdays 7-8pm at Chabad House, 4037 Pine Street.
  • Subject: Explorations in Talmud: Tractate Shabbat: A mitzvah that is both widely observed and very demanding, Shabbat is the focal point of the Jewish week. To properly keep Shabbat, one must have an understanding of the various laws and customs associated with the holy day. In this new course, we will use visual aids to illuminate intricate legal analyses and legal derivations from the Talmud, shedding light into the mystery of Shabbat and its source in Biblical passages.

    Our course focuses on the melachot as studied and examined by the Talmud. A unique biblical verse is explored for all the implications that derive from it. The lay out and structure of this course are significantly improved over the earlier courses.

Email  [email protected] to RSVP and for schedule, location and more information.