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The Talmud says that on Rosh Hashanah, the "Mitzvah of the day" is to hear the Shofar. If for whatever reason you are unable to be at services when the Shofar is blasted, we at Chabad would like to help you perform this exalted & important Mitzvah. Check below for a (growing) list of locations and times where you can come to hear the Shofar around Penn's campus. If you would like to host a "street shofar" services outside your house, contact us. The Shofar service typically runs for about 7 and half minutes.

Rosh Hashanah Sept 26th and 27th


* 12:00pm - Chabad's House - 4032 Spruce St. During Rosh Hashanah services (Schedule & Register)

* 1:45pm - at 4032 Spruce. at Chabad's at the end of the services. No need to register 

* 3:30pm – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia - 3401 Civic Center Blvd - In the Brodsky Healing Garden, (The area in front of the hospital between main entrance and emergency Dept.)

* 4:00pm – Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Pavilion, 1 Convention Ave, Meditation Room.

* 3:45pm - Alpha Epsilon Pi Chapter House - 4040 Walnut Street

* Tuesday 6:00pm in front of the Sigma Alpha Mu Chapter House at 3817 Walnut St Philadelphia, PA 19104

* 4:30pm at the Zeta Beta Tau chapter house 235 S 39th St.

* 5:00-5:30pm - Ongoing 7 minute Flash Shofar Services on Locust Walk & 37th Street. Near the compass.

* 5:30pm at Theos 4039 Walnut Street

* Monday 9/25 @ 6:30pm - Biopond at Kaskey Park behind the Quad (along with the Tashlich service)

* 6:30 at the entrance to the Upper Quad gate, 3700 Spruce Street.



Would you like to host a Shofar location near you? please contact Rabbi Levi at 267-738-8995

For High Holiday Services register here

Listen to the sound of the Shofar

The shofar is typically sounded as part of the daytime Rosh Hashanah service. Even if you cannot attend communal services, a Jew is still obligated to hear 30 blasts of the shofar. Here’s how:

Request a House Call: If you live within walking distance of your closest Chabad Rabbi, there is a good chance he will be more than happy to hike over on Rosh Hashanah to blow the shofar for you in a socially distanced manner.

Street Shofar: In many urban areas, where there is a significant Jewish population, rabbis and volunteers will be blowing shofar on pre-designated wide-open spots for the benefit of anyone who needs. Check with your rabbi to see if there will be a shofar-blowing near you.

Toot Your Own Horn: Blowing shofar is not as hard as it may seem at first. Order a good shofar online, brush up on the laws of shofar blowing, and be your own shofar-blower this Rosh Hashanah. Extra credit: Let your Jewish neighbors know in advance, so that they can open their windows and hear your shofar blasts as well.