Please visit the Chabad House for all your Judaic needs.



   Mezuzah sales and loans.

Mezuzot are available for sale and via free loan:


  • 2.5 inch Mezuzah scroll (with decorative case included): $40
  • 4 inch Mezuzah scroll (with translucent or plastic case included): $36
  • Supreme Quality Mezuzah Scroll (5 inch AR, soft plastic case included): $110

Click here and specify which Mezuzah you would like to order.


  • 4 inch Mezuzah scroll (with translucent or plastic case included): APPLY HERE (All free loan mezuzos are currently loaned out. We have no more in stock)



Teffilin sales, lending and grants.

  • Is your Teffilin being checked? do you need to borrow a pair for a couple of days?
  • Do you want to begin performing the great Mitzvah of Teffiliin daily but can't find it within your current budget? We have a generous sponsor who can subsidize or sponsor a pair for you to keep.
  • Is it time for a Teffilin checkup? We bring a scribe to campus annually Sept-Oct time.
  • Do you need help learning how to put on Teffilin? We can teach you, or join our Tefflin Bagel Brunch.
  • Click here to inquire with us regarding any of the above.


The Beit Yacov lending library

Offers a wide range of Judaic books and reference materials for all students and faculty.

If you are interested in borrowing a book please email us.