Shabbos Foods

Experience Shabbat in the very warm and relaxed atmosphere that only Lubavitch House can provide. There’s always something new going on and all are welcome. 

 Lubavitch House offers a delicious homemade Shabbat dinner every week that is free of charge. Services are usually at 6:30pm followed by dinner at 7pm.

 Shabbat afternoon services are 20 minutes before sunset, followed by the ‘third meal’ enjoyed for song, words of Torah and then evening and havdallah services.

 If you are in need of Shabbat hospitality, for either a place to stay or Shabbat meals please let us know how we can help and set you up with a place to be.

The Chabad Shabbat dinners have recently been a topic of conversation amongst leading Jewish organizations and in educational arenas due to a study published by Barry Chazan, a highly respected educator at Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

“Young adults who are in the developmental stage of separating from home and family still crave the warmth and roots that home represents. The Chabad Shabbat experience answers this need.” Chazan also observed that “these young people are in search of a person-centered education – an education that relates to each of them individually as a human being.”

 Special Thanks to Alberto (W’03) and Maggy Safra
for sponsoring Shabbat Dinners in honor of the birth of their son Josef