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Hike up Masada, ride a camel and float in the dead sea. Explore the mysticism of Tzefat and the alleys of Jerusalem, the nightlife of Tel Aviv and the hills of the Golan Heights. Create memories that will last a lifetime on Taglit-Birthright Israel: Lubavitch House at Penn / Jewish Heritage Programs Trip!

View photos from our May 2014 Trip, May 2013, or our May 2015 trip May 2016 on our Facebook page (and like our page while you are there!)


Summer 2019


We encourage you to pre-register early. Even if you are unsure if you can go this season, you should still apply because, once the application window closes you will not be able to join the trip even if your other plans shift, on the other hand, if you decide not to go you can cancel without penalty. Additionally, it will give you priority in the next season.


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Registration for Summer 2017 trip opens on February 6, 2017, at 10:00 AM (EST).  But you should have your application filled out before that time so you can just enter and complete the last steps on the day registration opens.


Summer trip dates are leaving 5/17/17 returning 5/28/17 flying out of NYC

On the “Date Request Form” you must request those dates and locations to be placed on the Penn trip. Request campus trip to go with Penn.

Apply here:

IMPORTANT : Be sure to send your $250 refundable deposit as soon as possible after registration, you will not be considered unless the deposit is received soon after registration.

No .EDU addresses. Be ready with another email address.

Recruiter codes: You do not need a code to apply but you can use a recruiter code if you would like.

Already went on birthright and want to staff a trip? Contact us ASAP


Feel free to contact them for more information.

To view photos of previous trips, please see our photo gallery page, or summer 2010. Summer 2011 summer 2012 or Summer 2013 Summer 2015 Summer 2016

If you have any questions regarding the trip please contact us

Not Eligible? If you have already been to Israel or are not eligible for another reason and would like to join us, consider being a staff member on our trip, contact us to find out how you can do so in the next season.



• When is the trip?

After graduation as early as possible so that we can return before June or before potential internships start on the first Monday in June. (see above for this year's actual date)

• What if I have other plans this summer that might conflict with this trip? What if I'm unsure about my summer plans as of yet?

We recommend that you register and pay the refundable deposit. If your plans change you will be able to go on the trip (as long as you cancel before the withdrawl date). If they don't change, you can cancel with no-penalty at all and receive your deposit back. It will not affect your eligibility for the next season under any provider. However, if you do not register before registration closes, we will not be able to get you on to the trip.

• Is this a religious trip?

The trip is observant of Kosher dietary laws and Shabbat as any other Taglit-birthright provider is. What you choose to do personally is your business. Each of our trips are staffed with a Jewish scholar, usually in the form of a Rabbi or other Jewishly educated person who is available to answer any question with more insight. So you are guaranteed to benefit from both the education and the fun. There are no strings attached. Not even Tzitzit!

• If have not been involved Jewishly, will I be able to get on the trip?

Acceptance is not based on involvement in any particular organization. You have as good as a chance as the next person.

• Can I bring my friend from another school?
Yes, you can have them sign up with us. As with Penn students themselves, there is no guarantee that they will get accepted. Please have them indicate in their application that they want to go with person x on the Penn Trip. Please contact us to remind us about this as well.

• What does the itinerary look like?

Click here for a sample.

• How do I know if I'm eligible?

Click here for full details.